Floods Relief Camp Manipur


Social Work

The unique feature of ngo RAHI is Child Sponsorship programmed.
For many children in need, poverty and hopelessness is a constant presence in their lives. Their lives do not hold much promise for a bright future.

Millions of our countrymen who are impoverished and homeless, live on streets. They are victims of causes like poverty, disability, unemployment etc. The most vulnerable among the homeless are the sick, who have no resources to avail medical treatment.

Upliftment is a necessity in this time of heightened consciousness, and we can’t expect to uplift the rest of the planet if we aren’t in an uplifted state of mind ourselves. How can we help the rest of humanity if we can’t feel the good vibration that helps us thrive on such a difficult and painful world?

Touching hearts. Lifting spirits. Changing lives. These actions embody the essence of the RaHi Development & Empowerment programs, and the initiatives within them, while we strive to make a real difference in “improving the lives of women, youth and the communities in which we serve.”

RaHi, as the same name signifies, is a new direction taken by member. Rahi was conceived with the realization that the young adults at Rahi have to be equipped with skills to adapt appropriately to the needs of adulthood and thereby function as an independent whole-physically and emotionally.

RaHi has being running a seasonal medical camp with medical team to all the branches and as well as to some part where there is no any dispensary.