Corporate Partnerships

Corporate Partnerships

NGO RAHi has changed many poor children lives by supporting more than 200 grassroots initiatives in different communities and villages and in slums across states in India. Now we are focusing girl's education for better India.NGO rAHi is active in seeking to collaborate, cooperate, co-create and co-innovate with the corporate sector. It has attuned itself to new approaches to maximize the progressive impact of the corporate, use their resource pools and expertise efficiently and in return spur and recognition to the corporate growth. NGO rAHi are transparent in funding with the members and society as a whole to the corporate partners .

Benefits of Partnership.

The Indian consumer today makes an informed choice before purchase anything. Many consumers are socially aware to buy responsible brands. Several companies associate their brands with social cause and issues this type of corporate are mostly recognized and infusing the spirit of ‘good moral’ in a brand’s identity. NGO rAHI India partners with some leading brands across industry on cause related marketing campaigns to raise awareness and resources for social issues. NGO rAHi participation can provide independent validation “third party” validation of a corporate’s claim of environmental and social benefits from a project

Contact our Corporate Partnerships Team

Dr. Bharat Singh
Location: New Delhi (Head Office)
Bharat Veerangana Awanti Bai Education Sansthan
Ph: +91-11-2634-2228

RosAda Infotech
Location: New Delhi
Ph: +91-11-2634-2228

Mr Bikash Murmu
Location: New Delhi
Ph: +91-11-2634-2228

Mr Neyaz Ahmad
Location: Hyderabad
Ph: +91-11-2634-2228


Corporate Partners

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